Projet Uganda

Beginning of April, we have perpetuated one of the project started in 2020 with Golden Women Vision In Uganda (G.W.V.U). This year, the project continues to assist 200 of the most vulnerable and needy households in Gulu and Omoro, Northern Uganda, who have been directly affected by the Covid-19 crisis. G.W.V.U helps them through the production and sales of liquid soap, to provide food and medical assistance.

The consequences associated with the spreading Covid-19 crisis has increased the level of vulnerability of women and youth affected by war and gender-based violence. This has required immediate support to prevent people from developing chronic trauma because of war, gender-based violence, and now Covid-19 consequences.

The team of GWVU is producing and selling liquid soap to help the survivors and their communities during these difficult times. Not only can they provide soap for healthcare, but with the sales, they can help their communities with food and medical assistance. The beauty of #womenempowerment !